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 EoP vs. Hobson and Snipers

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PostSubject: EoP vs. Hobson and Snipers   Wed Mar 26, 2008 11:46 pm

Well. Here isn't much to say, we lost. They won 1st round, MEGA CAMP!, 2nd round draw, only grenades flying around, and they used Grenade Launcher on TerrorShoT-, they would actually loose but we didn't care thoose bitches were just screaming like shit. 3rd round we owned them hardcore and they knew they wouldn't have anychance so they quit the game.

4th map we played was overgrown, the whole game the leads were standing still, 70-40. They were like sitting in one place the whole game and waiting for the game to end.

Last thoughts:

Don't even play theese guys, they will camp the whole game and wait till the game is finished. They choose which map they want if the standings are 2-2 and if you guys are going to play a 4th map, then they don't agree with the opposite clan and choose which ever map they wan't. They choose Overgrown and they camped like hell.

Report by Staber-

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EoP vs. Hobson and Snipers
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