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 [EoP] vs [s|G*]

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Age : 23
Location : Molde - Norway
PS2 : MeZMoRiZx / T.D.S TosZe
PSN : ViCTeY / iFlowA
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PostSubject: [EoP] vs [s|G*]   Mon Jun 08, 2009 5:18 pm

Written by ViCTeY


[s|G*] xChRoNiiK-
[s|G*] Zaze324
[s|G*] NGhia18
[s|G*] GoDz_MaTTOweN
[s|G*] TheWilsonElite
[s|G*] xViiiRuZ-

[EoP] iDav-
[EoP] ViCTeY
[EoP] Swanny92-
[EoP] Altair300
[EoP] o-JonesY-x
[EoP] Msj92
[EoP] Your_Nemisis

1st Map: Crossfire - S&D
1st Round: [EoP] 4-1 [s|G*] MVP: [EoP] iDav-
2nd Round: [EoP] 4-0 [s|G*] MVP: [EoP] Altair300

2nd Map: Vacant - S&D
1st Round: [EoP] 4-1 [s|G*] MVP: [EoP] o-JonesY-x / [EoP] ViCTeY
2nd Round: [EoP] 4-1 [s|G*] MVP: [EoP] Your_Nemisis / [EoP] Altair300

[EoP] 2-0 [s|G*]
We where waiting in ages before the clanwar started . they invited in ringers etc. not a well orginased clan. we mostly pissed around and it wasnt fun at all . but feel free to rechall us .
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[EoP] vs [s|G*]
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